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Create an Engaging Kids Room

Engaging kids early and often can have big benefits for your club. Motion Fitness has designed its kids Programs based on these three criteria that develops members for life.

FUN: Engage kids through fun active experiences. FIT: Introduce them to fundamental concepts of fitness and ‘movement’*. FOCUS: Development of personal skills to enhance performance


Ages 0-4: When used during the day by many early childhood programs Interactive Fitness rooms can be a place where children can go to have fun, while learning and growing physically, mentally, and emotionally. The philosophy is to give these kids a place of their own; a place where they can More >


Most Members Are Just Big Kids – So Let ‘Em Play!

Have you ever been watching a sporting event and routing on your favorite team when suddenly the officials and the officiating become the story? Bad calls, missed fouls or penalties. It can be extremely frustrating to us as fans. We usually find ourselves screaming at the TV (like they can hear us) “Come on! Just let ‘em play!”

Group Training On tWall

I know you have been there. Any sports fan has been. But when it comes to the health and fitness industry, we are really starting to become the officials that everyone is screaming at. Think about it: we are trying More >


Interactive Fitness Equipment

The word “Interactive” in the fitness industry has become so common that it could mean something as simple as walking on a treadmill and watching ESPN or a movie. True Interactive Fitness Equipment is much more. It is computer game technology to motivate, engage participation, and measure results, so that fitness training becomes a fun and entertaining experience.

What are the Benefits of Interactive Fitness Equipment?

Whether you are a school, park district / recreation center, YMCA, a private health club, or sports performance center, interactive fitness has a place sitting alongside conventional equipment. The reason for this is simple – interactive More >


May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month

May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month: fitting for the warming temperatures where everyone is finally able to break their cabin fever from the winter and get outside. The President’s Council on Fitness gave this designation in 1983 as a way to promote healthy lifestyles among all American and improve our quality of life. Regular physical activity is good for everyone’s physical, mental, and emotional health regardless of age, gender, or physical ability, and it’s important to make sure to set aside regular times to be active every day.


As the President’s Council reminds us, every physical activity counts in More >


Introducing the Exergame Mobile Solution

Exergaming is gaining popularity at health clubs, schools, and community centers like YMCAs and JCCs as a way to engage kids in physical activity. Many of these products fit perfectly along the walls and corners of a youth focused room so that the area may be used for multiple purposes. However, these products are often heavy and not easily moved. This has led to many facilities and organizations to ask if there is a mobile option; something that could be easily stored or moved from location to location.

Exergame Fitness has announced that it has created a three product package ideal More >


Exergame Fitness – Fixing Sales and Retention at the Kids Level

If you haven’t heard about Exergame Fitness and what they are working to accomplish in the fitness industry, it’s time to get informed. Below is an article published in the National Fitness and Trade Journal Spring 2015 edition featuring Exergame Fitness and how they helping fitness clubs across the U.S. fix sales and retention through targeting kids and families.



“I don’t wanna go to the club! It’s boring and there’s nothing for me to do there!” Parents with kids under the age of fifteen hear that protest countless times when trying to get the family to the gym. Most facilities have policies More >


Pavigym 3.0 Raises The Bar For Interactive Flooring

The Pavigym 3.0 takes interactive fitness to a whole new level. Now every floor can be transformed into a high intensity piece of equipment of its own. Pavigym 3.0 uses an interactive flooring system integrated with LED lights and controlled by a touch screen to create nearly unlimited uses for exercise and physical training. It is a fun and entertaining way to train.

The Pavigym 3.0 can be used as instructed by a personal trainer, as part of a group or individually without instruction. Exercising on the Pavigym system will build endurance, coordination, strength, and reaction training, and all workouts can More >


Creating Healthy Lifestyle Habits For The New Year

January is a time for new beginnings, a fresh start, that time of year for New Year’s resolutions. A lot of people will resolve to eat better, work out more, and lose weight, and many will try the quick fixes that are advertised all around us – new diets, five minute abs etc. But we all know people who lost weight from a fad diet only to gain the weight back and sometimes even more. The reason for this pendulum of losing and gaining weight is that these people haven’t developed healthy living habits. They’ve merely adopted a system for More >