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Interactive Fitness Equipment

The word “Interactive” in the fitness industry has become so common that it could mean something as simple as walking on a treadmill and watching ESPN or a movie. True Interactive Fitness Equipment is much more. It is computer game technology to motivate, engage participation, and measure results, so that fitness training becomes a fun and entertaining experience.

What are the Benefits of Interactive Fitness Equipment?

Whether you are a school, park district / recreation center, YMCA, a private health club, or sports performance center, interactive fitness has a place sitting alongside conventional equipment. The reason for this is simple – interactive More >


Case Study on Exergaming for Kids with Behavioral Issues – Preliminary Report

By Dan Lawler, Ph.D.

In schools today students who engage in antisocial behaviors are a real challenge for teachers and administrators.  Too often these behaviors diminish a student’s ability to learn and often interrupt the education of others.  Many times teachers and schools apply restrictions to privileges, more seat time, anger management strategies, and suspensions as a remedy for these behaviors.  A few months ago I assisted a middle school with initiating an alternative to these traditional approaches for serving kids with a history of emotional, behavioral, and compliance issues.  The strategy was based on recent research showing that targeted exercise and More >

7 Minutes of Physical Activity

7 minutes a day is all it takes, according to a new study published by University of Alberta medical researchers.   Children at a minimum need seven whole minutes of vigorous physical activity each and every day in order to stay healthy and fit.

With a sample size of over 600 children, researchers attached physical activity trackers to each child for a period of 7 days.  Monitoring activity, weight, and blood pressure, researchers found that 70% of the day children were in a sedentary state of physical activity.  23% of the day the children were in a period of light physical activity, More >