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Create an Engaging Kids Room

Engaging kids early and often can have big benefits for your club. Motion Fitness has designed its kids Programs based on these three criteria that develops members for life.

FUN: Engage kids through fun active experiences. FIT: Introduce them to fundamental concepts of fitness and ‘movement’*. FOCUS: Development of personal skills to enhance performance


Ages 0-4: When used during the day by many early childhood programs Interactive Fitness rooms can be a place where children can go to have fun, while learning and growing physically, mentally, and emotionally. The philosophy is to give these kids a place of their own; a place where they can More >


CrossFit For Kids!

A  challenge many parents face today is trying to keep their children active and in shape.  Children’s interest in organized sports has declined in the last few years and now parents are turning to CrossFit training.  Organizations are now providing CrossFit classes for kids ranging from ages four to twelve.  Kids from the ages of four to seven use only their body weight as the hurdle through obstacle courses and other activities.  Ages seven and up use light weight medicine balls or dumbbells, typically 5 lbs., for some low intensity activities because they’re in their growth stage.   It is recommended More >


Dancing Your Way to Better Grades

Many of us would spend the hour leading up to a test cramming as much information as we can, but what about dancing.  Schools today are taking a new approach towards preparing kids for standardized test with iDANCE.

What is iDANCE?  iDANCE is a state of the art dance and step system that uses all of the bodies functions with an integration to gaming.  Benefits from using our iDANCE products include increases in:

– Academics


– Productivity

– Focus

Why iDANCE?  The new gaming generation of children of has come forth and with them comes the difficult task of keeping them active. iDANCE changes More >

Obesity Charts

Small Group Fitness

Whether you’re an elite athlete or an average Joe just wanting to stay in shape, everyone has had their fair share of trouble when it comes to working out.  Even though it is, often described as a love/hate relationship, there is no argument against the importance of having an active lifestyle.  Dr. John J. Ratey, a clinical professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, constructed a study that showed daily exercise does in fact boost brain functionality.

This has many school districts weighing the option of providing daily physical education to all their students but, currently only a mere 20% of More >


Case Study on Exergaming for Kids with Behavioral Issues – Preliminary Report

By Dan Lawler, Ph.D.

In schools today students who engage in antisocial behaviors are a real challenge for teachers and administrators.  Too often these behaviors diminish a student’s ability to learn and often interrupt the education of others.  Many times teachers and schools apply restrictions to privileges, more seat time, anger management strategies, and suspensions as a remedy for these behaviors.  A few months ago I assisted a middle school with initiating an alternative to these traditional approaches for serving kids with a history of emotional, behavioral, and compliance issues.  The strategy was based on recent research showing that targeted exercise and More >


Motion Fitness at Games for Health Europe 2012

The first week of November will be a busy week for us here at Motion Fitness.   Part of our team will be in New York for the Suffolk Zone Professional Development Conference 2012 event held at Sachem School District, and another part of our team will be overseas in Amsterdam at the Games for Health Europe 2012 Conference. Games for Health is a series of conferences that showcase the health and research implications of video games. Back in the spring, Motion Fitness was a sponsor at Games for Health USA which was hosted in Boston and we are proud to More >