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CrossFit For Kids!

A  challenge many parents face today is trying to keep their children active and in shape.  Children’s interest in organized sports has declined in the last few years and now parents are turning to CrossFit training.  Organizations are now providing CrossFit classes for kids ranging from ages four to twelve.  Kids from the ages of four to seven use only their body weight as the hurdle through obstacle courses and other activities.  Ages seven and up use light weight medicine balls or dumbbells, typically 5 lbs., for some low intensity activities because they’re in their growth stage.   It is recommended More >


Exergame Workshop

Join Us for the Ultimate Kids Fitness Experience

Friday, Oct. 25, 2013 11 a.m. and/or 3 p.m. The Vault Chicago Bulls/Sox Academy 6200 River Bend Dr Lisle, IL 60532


Meet with Us at Club Industry.

Club Industry conference and exposition is in Chicago October 24-25. Contact us to meet up. We will also be giving tours of the Exergame Showroom at the Bulls Sox Training Academy in Lisle IL on Friday, October 25.


Dancing Your Way to Better Grades

Many of us would spend the hour leading up to a test cramming as much information as we can, but what about dancing.  Schools today are taking a new approach towards preparing kids for standardized test with iDANCE.

What is iDANCE?  iDANCE is a state of the art dance and step system that uses all of the bodies functions with an integration to gaming.  Benefits from using our iDANCE products include increases in:

– Academics


– Productivity

– Focus

Why iDANCE?  The new gaming generation of children of has come forth and with them comes the difficult task of keeping them active. iDANCE changes More >

Obesity Charts

Small Group Fitness

Whether you’re an elite athlete or an average Joe just wanting to stay in shape, everyone has had their fair share of trouble when it comes to working out.  Even though it is, often described as a love/hate relationship, there is no argument against the importance of having an active lifestyle.  Dr. John J. Ratey, a clinical professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, constructed a study that showed daily exercise does in fact boost brain functionality.

This has many school districts weighing the option of providing daily physical education to all their students but, currently only a mere 20% of More >