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Healthy Holiday Tips!

The holidays are right around the corner and what better way to celebrate than staying fit throughout the season.  Nearly 60% of Americans gain 1-10 lbs between Thanksgiving and New Years and nearly half don’t make attempts to lose the holiday weight.  “I’ll have another” easily rolls off our tongue and come January we ask ourselves, what were we thinking?  We at Motion Fitness want to share a few tips on how to avoid seasonal weight gain while enjoying holiday perks.


Everyone can agree that schedules are difficult to maintain during the holidays with all the running around and stress.  It More >

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Healthy Lifestyle For On The Go!

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is difficult when you’re constantly on the go, but don’t let a busy schedule get in the way of your health.   The Motion Fitness family want to share a few tips that help us stay on track with our busy schedule.  You will be amazed by how great you feel by following these simple tips.



Whether you’re on a diet or just looking to eat healthy water is your best friend.  Substitute sugary beverages with water and you will see amazing results within a week.  Doctors recommend at least 8 glasses of More >