The Chicago Bulls, Chicago White Sox and Motion Fitness honored the late Phil Lawler on April 11, 2011 at the Bulls Sox Training Academy in Lisle IL.  The national Media Event showcased the VAULT exergame concept powered by Motion Fitness.  This room encourages Activity, Movement, and Fitness through the power of Play.  Exergaming utilizes Technology, Games, and Entertainment to make interactive fitness environments for all ages.

The industry partners gathered from around the world to install this state-of-the-art Exergaming and Active Gaming facility designed to help battle the raging epidemic of Obesity and Inactivity, Including:

Lightspace, Makoto, Trazer, Freedom Climber, Expresso, Railyard Fitness, Cobalt Flux, Exerbike, Treadwall, Fit Interactive, Gamecycle, Gamercize, Xavix, HopSports, Exergame Fitness, Polar and iDance.

“I want to give a special thank-you to Phil Lawler, who passed away last year.  Phil was a true Game Changer in Physical Education.  He and his colleagues in the Naperville IL School System helped mold and create what is now know as the “New PE”, says Ed Kasanders – CEO of Motion Fitness.

“The new PE encourages participation, fun, small groups, and active game play. It is health and wellness based physical education. It is from the passion of Phil Lawler that our company entered the kids market, and later started Exergame Fitness to represent the best interactive products available.”

“Phil will always be remembered in our hearts and at this location with a permanent wall mural that will describe what Phil was all about: Creating healthier kids in our schools, his love for baseball and coaching, and his family.”

“The New PE, along with quality physical education and using current technology tools have been proven to show 3 benefits.  These benefits are what every parent, teacher and community leader would want.

Improved Academics

Decrease in Discipline and behavior problems

Improved Health & Fitness levels”

The VAULT concept at the Bulls Sox Training Academy is a model program that can be implemented in any community across America.  It combines fitness and nutritional education in safe, engaging environment.  The VAULT and its partners will continue to develop programs, lessons, research, testing and educational workshops through its Exergame Training Academy program.

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