In a recent publication on the CBS News Homepage they rolled out their Top 10 High-Tech Fat Burners for Fitness GeeksMotion Fitness, one of the leaders in providing high quality exercise and gaming based experiences was very excited to see that the iDANCE was one of the gadgets that was included.

The iDance Multiplayer concept is an original idea from Positive Gaming, created and designed for environments such as Fitness Centers, Schools, YMCA’s, Park Districts and Leisure Centers. The Positive Gaming™ iDANCE Multiplayer System offers up to 32 wireless dance platforms for simultaneous play with up to three separate difficulty levels on screen at once.

The Positive Gaming™ iDANCE Multiplayer system is a fun and challenging group exercise dance game of both perceptive and physical skill. It is simple to learn, exciting to play and offers users a wide range of levels to play and achieve. It provides a wholesome exercise gaming experience for up to 32 players at the same time.

One of the other unique items was the TrekDesk.  TrekDesk’s Treadmill Desk fits around any standard-sized treadmill, allowing users to work out while they work. Who wouldn’t want to build up a sweat during a conference call?

It’s decked out with a 72″ by 34″ surface, a few handy accessory slots for phones, pens, and coffee cups, and a file tray. Talk about extreme multi-tasking!

Another item that is actually carried by Motion Fitness was the Airbounder.  The Airbounder is a plyometric platform – which basically means you jump on it. Unlike free-form plyometrics, like a trampoline, the Airbounder allows users to set resistance levels and track progress and heart rate. The jumping motion can improve circulation, strengthen the thymus gland (and as a result, the immune system) and improve balance, muscle tone, and energy.

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