The Iowa City Parks and Recreation just recently upgraded their Teen Facility at the Mercer Aquatic Center with the addition of the Lightspace Wall.  The Lightspace Play Wall combines the latest in interactive technology with software controlled content that will provide hours of fun and exercise for kids and adults of all ages and abilities.

The equipment at the Mercer Aquatic Center typically housed billiards, bumper pool, ping pong, and foosball.  They also included some video game aspects in a few Xbox and PS2 systems in the Scanlon Gymnasium Game Room. When they decided they wanted to upgrade their video game package  to include exergaming they consulted with Motion Fitness on just how to best spruce up their room.  Motion Fitness introduced them to one of the most exciting active gaming pieces on the market….the Lightspace Wall.

The Lightspace Play Wall creates an engaging experience that will draw young children, teenagers and adults to activities what will excite and entertain them, all while keeping them active and fit. Lightspace Play provides significant return on investment by generating the repeat-customer business so critical for family entertainment center growth and profitability.

Lightspace Play includes an interactive floor surface comprised of 16”x16” programmable LED lit and pressure sensitive tiles constructed to fit a 10 foot square space. Each tile consists of sixteen 4” x” 4” pixels that can display any color, pattern or image. The surface is able to detect location, movement and density of players to give a realistic gaming experience. Reactions to player movements are displayed on the surface and are accompanied by sound effects.

The Lightspace Play software is housed in a durable kiosk station that is located next to the platform. Kiosks can be formatted to collect different forms of payment (i.e. coins, tokens, bills, credit or magnetic token cards) and to distribute coupons if Lightspace Play is used as a redemption game. The Play software not only stores and runs a vast array of games, but also provides a simple touch screen interface for players to choose and pay for the games they wish to play. New games can be downloaded quickly and easily to the system enabling entertainment center managers to keep their Play system up to date and its appeal fresh without the need to purchase new hardware.

The media has drawn a great deal of attention to the dangers associated with the increasing rate of obesity in America, especially among children. In contrast, physically interactive video games have made headlines recently as a popular and effective form of exercise. The combination of physical movement and the compelling nature of video games have led many formerly sedentary people to spend several hours a week engaging in aerobic activity and enjoying it. Lightspace Play provides not only a multifaceted source of entertainment, but also a fun way to keep fit.

With adding the Lightspace Play Wall to their facility the Mercer Aquatic Center hopes they can inspire more physical activity in the children that attend.  If you think the Lightspace Wall and other Exergaming pieces may be fit for you contact Motion Fitness.

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