Play games? Yes, playing games can improve your fitness and overall health.  The American Medical Association strongly supports prevention and wellness efforts to promote a healthy America, including the promotion of physical fitness, and activity-based games (Exergames) offer a fun and engaging way for kids, adults, and seniors to increase their physical activity.

Physical activity has been shown to help reduce many health risks, including diabetes, heart disease, and many cancers. Walking is an easy way for the majority of people to be more active and gain the associated health benefits and is a great way to start a physical fitness program, but it, alone, may not be enough according to a new Center for Disease Control and Prevention report.  Adding Exergaming products to your program might be just what’s needed to assure fitness.

Successful commercial Exergame products and programs have been used for years at schools and outside of-school programs (e.g. YMCA, JCC, Parks and Rec, Boys and Girls Clubs, Salvation Army) across the country.

Now health clubs are taking notice by including group Exergame classes to give their members a better fitness experience.  Group interactive fitness products like iDANCE and WebRacing Exergame cycles change the way members participate in, compete in, and share their fitness workouts.  The addition of these products has lead members to not only maintain their club memberships, but also to sustain their physical fitness programs.

“Members will play these games over and over because they are competing against themselves, participating in a group, and they are having fun – all while exercising,” says Ed Kasanders, CEO of Motion Fitness.  “The clubs will have engaged members who will share and network their Exergame class with friends, family, and community.  This is a powerful tool for clubs to get marketing exposure.  If they have multiple locations, they can compete against each other or accumulate scores and/or activity for a fund raiser.

“TVs and music are great ways to get members to participate on cardio products in clubs, but the members are just doing it because they know that they have to work out to improve their fitness.  With Exergames, members want to play and can’t wait for the next workout.  They are fully involved in this interactive dynamic.  Exergaming provides perfect active game play, leading to improved fitness,” adds Kasanders.

About iDANCE

Group dance and step for up to 32 users, iDANCE is an entertaining and motivating workout game that combines exercise with dancing and represents a great way to work out your whole body.  Feedback on one’s success during play is provided during the whole game (song), and the rankings are displayed, lending a competitive feature to this dynamic acitivity.

About WebRacing Exergame Cycles

WebRacing Exergame System offers the best in multi-user group cycle racing.  Experience Peloton Multi-Ride, a virtual community experience that makes workouts  engaging, fun, and effective.  Accurate workout data is calculated and displayed during the ride and recorded for review later.  (4-16 users)