Games for Health is the leading professional community in the field of health games, bringing together the best minds in game development and health care to advance game technologies that improve health and the delivery of health care. Their mission is to foster awareness of, education about, and development of games that make a positive impact on the health of communities and health care.

The 9th Annual Games for Health Conference is June 26-28, 2013, in Boston, MA at the Back Bay Events Center.  As part of this event Motion Fitness will be present to promote some of the latest and greatest in the Exergaming industry.  Products you will see showcased at the event include the EyePlay Interactive Floor System, Portable Exergame, and the most popular multiplayer DDR system in the country; the iDANCE.

The EyePlay Exergame Surface essentially turns any floor into an interactive fitness game.  Fully responsive to player movements using advanced motion tracking cameras, EyePlay is able to track multiple people at the same time! Allowing you to stomp, jump, and run around with all of your friends.

The Positive Gaming™ iDANCE multiplayer concept is a revolutionary Exergaming system that was designed specifically for environments such as Schools, YMCA’s, JCCs, Park Districts and Health Clubs. It is unique in many facets including the fact that it provides the user with a combination of physical, social and cognitive benefits and that it accommodates up to 32-players at once on up to 3 separate difficulty levels with real-time performance feedback.

During this great event the keynote will be Oculus VR founder, and designer of the Oculus Rift VR headset, Palmer Luckey.  He will talk about the intersection of body, mind, and virtual reality, and offer insights into how this new game technology can make a positive impact on the health of people and communities.

We hope you will join Motion Fitness and The Games for Health Project which supports community, knowledge, and business development efforts to use cutting-edge games and game technologies to improve health and health care.