Since arriving to Sierra Vista Junior High School in 2002, head of the Physical Education Department George Velarde has transformed the school’s traditional physical education program, introducing students to the “New P.E.”   Rather than focusing on traditional team sports, his program stresses individual student fitness.

George is the Physical Education Department Chair at Sierra Vista Jr. High School in Canyon Country, California. In 2007, George and Sierra Vista Jr. High School was awarded the prestigious Carol M. White PEP Grant. In 2009, George was awarded the California Physical Education Teacher of the Year by the Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports by Governor Schwarzenegger and former President Bill Clinton at the Health and Obesity Summit. That same year, he was also named Physical Education Teacher of the Year by the California Coach’s Association. In 2009, the school was awarded the Golden Bell Award by the California School Board Association for the “No Child Left on their Behind” Physical Education Program. Sierra Vista was also named the Physical Education Middle School of the Year by the California Coach’s Association in 2009. George is a State and National speaker for his PE program’s No Child Left On Their Behinds initiative. Sierra Vista Jr. High’s PE program is recognized by the President’s Council on Physical Fitness/Sports as an official National Demonstration Center for the United States.

In this video George discusses how Exergaming is a great alternative to traditional activity by adding a level of interactivity that technology brings.