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-Follow-Up Support

-Why SPARK Works


-Research Background



The SPARK After School (AS) curriculum is blend of digital and print materials that include the AS Manual, Music CD, SPARKfolio and access to Highlights include:

-National Alignment to President’s Challenge, Let’s Move, and NIOST Guidelines

-STEM Academic Connections

-Over 230 session plans

-ASAP (Active Soon As Possible) energizers

-Character Matters development resources

-Right fit suggestions for limited space, lack of equipment, and varying age ranges

For more information on the After School Curriculum Manual, Click Here.


The focus of After School is to provide leadership techniques and activity ideas that encourage youth to be physically active. SPARK workshops are fun and “hands-on.” Youth leaders learn by doing and are motivated by SPARK’s dynamic and knowledgeable trainers. SPARK trainers travel the globe to provide workshops on days and at times that are convenient for everyone. For more information on SPARK After School Workshops, Click Here.


A select team of SPARK After School Program developers, curriculum writers, and workshop presenters meet annually to modify the equipment sets (a set includes every item needed to instruct everything in a SPARK manual) so they align perfectly with SPARK After School activities. For more information on After School Equipment sets, Click Here.

Follow-Up Support

For an after school program to work and last, ongoing consultation must be provided. SPARK is committed to extensive follow-up via their unique “SPARK Stars” institutionalization model, and myriad FREE value adds including lifetime support via 800 number and e-mail consultation, a monthly webinar series, social networking opportunities, and a monthly eNewsletter that includes SPARK updates and teaching tips. For more information on SPARK support, Click Here.

SPARK Works – Why?


Research Background


Research Background
The SPARK After School (AS) Physical Activity Program began in 1995 as part of an effort to take lessons learned from the successful SPARK PE program and apply them to “out of PE” settings. PowerPlay, a research project in Memphis, TN and conducted in collaboration with the University of Tennessee, Memphis, involved 13, urban faith based centers.

After Power Play, SPARK participated in an after school/gender equity project with Work Family Directions in Boston. This project involved YMCA’s located in 15 U.S. cities and ran for 5 years. SPARK curricula and training were modified again and used to support the after school component for Project M-SPAN (Middle School Physical Activity and Nutrition), an NIH funded study of 24 middle schools from 1996-2000.

Finally, in the late 90’s, SPARK conducted their last after school testing project in partnership with CANFit (CA Adolescent Nutrition and Fitness). Project BOLT (Building Opportunities for Leisure Time) involved 15 after school programs in California (Parks and Recreation, Boys and Girls Clubs, and school district run efforts) and led to the writing of the SPARK Active Recreation manual, professional development program, and selection of content matched equipment.

Today’s SPARK After School Program targets all out-of-school physical activity programs (e.g., after school, YMCA, Boys and Girls Club, recreation center, day care center, or camps). Years of research and extensive field-testing throughout the country has shown SPARK After School to be effective for children and adolescents ages 5-14.

The SPARK after school philosophy: Include ALL youth, actively engage ALL youth, and instill the love of lifelong movement in ALL youth.

We first began using the SPARK After School Program at our YMCA of South Palm Beach County in 2002. Our after school staff loved the binder full of great ideas and easy to use activities — and the teambuilding and fun workshops SPARK conducted at our site. SPARK coordinates their lessons, teaching strategies, and equipment sets and their approach WORKS! I highly recommend SPARK for every Florida after school physical activity program!

Bev Johnson – Executive Director
DeVos-Blum Family YMCA – Boynton Beach, FL

I first learned of SPARK at Nike, when I participated in a workshop there. I was so impressed with their after school program that I insisted we write it into our PEP Bill grant. Now, everyone in the Atlanta Boys and Girls Clubs knows how great the SPARK curriculum, training, and Sportime equipment is. Together, this is an unbeatable team and I highly recommend them to all PEP Bill winners.
Matt Ryan – Executive Director
Atlanta Boys and Girls Club – Atlanta, CA

FREE SPARK Lesson Plans

The 4 instructional units in the After School Manual are listed on the link below. Click on any of the links to view a sample lesson plan.

SPARK After School Lesson Plan