My name is Joe McCarthy and I teach elementary Physical Education at Meadowview Elementary School in Farmington MN.  I want to share our story regarding the MOVE + system.  I teach 10, 25 minute classes to students in grades 1 – 5.

I am always looking to implement a new game or activity into my Physical Education classes. Recently, I had the opportunity to try the MOVE+ system from Motion Fitness.  The students loved this new game that allowed them to try something fun with cool music.  The students enjoyed the challenge of watching the arrows on the screen and trying to step in that direction at the correct time.

Each class began with four, 30 second, interval training modules that were on the screen.  The next 20 minutes, students would be active following the MOVE + system.  I placed pedometers on students in grades three, four and five and was amazed by their results! My goal for them was to take 1,000 steps in 20 minutes.  100% of the students accomplished that goal!  70% had more than 2,000 steps and 20% had more than 3,000 steps in 20 minutes.  During my 12 years of teaching, I have not found an activity in which students will take that many steps during a 20 minute class.

I enjoyed the MOVE + system because all students were engaged the entire class period.  The system also provided opportunities for different levels of challenges for all grade levels.  Besides stepping in the direction of the arrows on the screen, I added two more challenges to the activity.  I had students shout the direction (left, right, forward, back, both and scissors) and point in the direction of the arrows.  Students were more engaged and remained focused when I added in those two challenges.  It was a lot of fun to see the students perform full body movements with mental challenges.

To learn, children need to be always engaged and moving.  They grow by challenging their body and brain.  The MOVE + system provided opportunities to increase their fitness levels, brain activity and place smiles on their faces!

Joe McCarthy

Meadowview Elementary School Physical Education Teacher

President of the PE Council for MNAHPERD



Twitter: JoeMcCarthy09

2012 MN Elementary Physical Education Teacher of the Year