Many of us would spend the hour leading up to a test cramming as much information as we can, but what about dancing.  Schools today are taking a new approach towards preparing kids for standardized test with iDANCE.

What is iDANCE?  iDANCE is a state of the art dance and step system that uses all of the bodies functions with an integration to gaming.  Benefits from using our iDANCE products include increases in:

– Academics


– Productivity

– Focus

Why iDANCE?  The new gaming generation of children of has come forth and with them comes the difficult task of keeping them active. iDANCE changes that, our product brings the fun back in being active, an aspect that this generation lacks.

Who is iDANCE for?  A simple answer would be EVERYONE.  Schools, YMCAs, health clubs, and parks have seen great success when it comes to using iDANCE, even seeing a rise in adult users as well.  For schools it is a great way to keep children interested in physical education and the importance of maintaining a healthy/active lifestyle.  iDANCE also makes for a great activity room and very easy to build multiple classes around.

As for schools, standardized tests have become a big part of our education system and they have become as important as any other tests we take.  Scoring well on these tests has become crucial and there are many ways to prepare.  iDANCE has conducted over 5 years on field testing that show that children that maintain a healthy lifestyle have gone on to being enhanced learners exceeding in subjects such as math and reading.  Students who participated in a 10 minute aerobic session before a standardized test scored up to 25% better than students who received 20 minutes of test-specific tutoring.  Our goal here at Motion Fitness is to give people the ability and power to move and iDANCE does just that.

Our products are easy to set up and online take minutes to get you up and going.  The link below will take to our iDANCE products and numerous others that we provide.

iDANCE Products