A  challenge many parents face today is trying to keep their children active and in shape.  Children’s interest in organized sports has declined in the last few years and now parents are turning to CrossFit training.  Organizations are now providing CrossFit classes for kids ranging from ages four to twelve.  Kids from the ages of four to seven use only their body weight as the hurdle through obstacle courses and other activities.  Ages seven and up use light weight medicine balls or dumbbells, typically 5 lbs., for some low intensity activities because they’re in their growth stage.   It is recommended that children participate in 60 minutes of physical activity daily and CrossFit  has been the choice in many communities.  What CrossFit brings to the table that traditional gym programs don’t is the fun factor of being active, CrossFit classes are set up in a way that children truly enjoy being there and want to come back.


Parents are skeptical about having children workout at such a young age, but doctors urge parents to look at the bigger picture.  Some form of physical activity will help avoid childhood obesity and in result children will have less health problems as they grow older.  Majority of CrossFit classes are set up so that they teach children the importance of eating healthy and getting them excited to-do so.  The benefits clearly outweigh the negatives when it comes to fitness at any age, and importantly children gain knowledge of maintaining an active lifestyle.

CrossFit programs are also easy to set up and can be done from the comfort from your own home.  With the right equipment you can start getting your kids out the couch and active.  The following package is perfect to starting a program and taking a step in the right direction.  The possibility for CrossFit is endless and with constant changes the program is growing every day.