Our collaboration with SPARK is a match made in heaven!  SPARK ( is a research-based organization that has dedicated their resources to promoting lifelong wellness.  They have an excellent track record developing innovative resources for physical educators and after school youth leaders, Pre-K through high school.

Great news!  Motion Fitness and SPARK are working together to help children and adolescents achieve a common goal, living a healthy lifestyle.  One example of how this is happening is via a partnership with our sister company, Exergame Fitness.  Together, Exergame Fitness and SPARK are bringing technology to the fitness world and making exercise effective and FUN for kids.

However, the great work of SPARK does not stop there!  They have done an outstanding job conducting research to help others understand which approaches really improve children’s health.  Since 1989, when the organization began their first study of elementary physical education, SPARK has been fighting childhood obesity, a major concern in today’s society.  (Click here to watch a video on SPARK)

SPARK has helped hundreds of schools receive grants and improve their physical education and after school programs.  Along with offering grant assistance, SPARK provides consumers with curriculum, training, and equipment products for all age groups.  Helping teachers modify their curriculum by offering new ideas, inspirational teacher training, and content-matched equipment for all of their programs.  SPARK has served over 100,000 teachers worldwide and the positive feedback they’ve received in over 24 years has been amazing (click here for Testimonials video).

SPARK has been validated by the United States Department of Education and was featured in the United States Surgeon General Report on Physical Activity and Health.  Their achievements should not be measured in awards alone, but by the differences they have made in the health of children.

Join Motion Fitness and SPARK in fighting childhood obesity and helping our children live happier and healthier lives!  (Click here for tips on Advocating for Physical Education programs).