Motion Fitness and Pavigym would love to welcome you to the world of Fitness 3.0.  Pavigym, a global leader in fitness flooring, have worked tirelessly to completely redesign the fitness industry.  The international brand has incorporated technology into their state-of-the-art flooring to create products of the future.  Take a look at a few of their products and fall in LOVE with Pavigym.

Pavigym Square 3.0

What do you get when you add lights, sensors, and programming to your mats? You get a FUN workout, new members, and results your members will love.  Square 3.0 will suit all your members ideally, with individual workouts to small group programs.  Adding Pavigym Square 3.0 to your facility will not only bring in new members but it will give you the opportunity to create new classes and a whole new curriculum.  The product will essentially pay for itself.      

Pavigym Vertical 3.0

With Pavigym, it doesn’t stop at just flooring, they have created a vertical fitness wall that facilities have grown to love.  The Vertical 3.0 wall incorporates the same technology as the Square 3.0 and adds a lot more excitement to your workout.  Pavigym’s new products make tracking workouts easier than ever before, helping members see results as they progress through the workouts.

Pavigym Energy+

Energy+ is a circuit based training program and comes in sizes that best fit your facility, from as low as 6 users up to 20 users.  Group training has proven to be very effective amongst all age groups.  Energy+ includes body weight workouts that improve physical strength, stamina, and at the same time reduce harmful body fat.  Energy+ is a very popular product for group workouts.

Here are a few images from our workshop at Midtown Fitness, Oak Brook, IL