support_pep_grantWith budget cuts that are haunting schools across this country, physical education programs are the ones taking the hit.  This resulting in the highest rate of childhood and teen obesity this country has ever seen.   Fortunately, we have had the privilege to work with schools and organizations that have received Physical Education Program (PEP) grants as a part of First Lady Michelle Obama’s Lets Move initiative.  PEP is a government funded program with the main purpose of helping students be healthy and active.  This year the program has reach new highs, with an $74.5 million budget for the 2014 year even more schools will have the privilege of being called PEP grant winners.

We here at the Motion Fitness and Exergame Fitness family have had the honor to work with a few of these select schools and gone on to accomplish great feats.  PEP has helped these schools completely reinvent their physical education programs giving students the information they need in order to live an active and healthy life.  One school we were fortunate to work with was Lincoln-Bassett in New Haven, CT.  Lincoln-Basset School were honored with a $1.5 million PEP grant spanning 3 years.  Marvin Christley,  who helped the New Haven schools facilitate the grant, saw Exergaming as a great way to add fun it fitness.  Exergame Fitness, our sister company, helped Marvin turn his idea for the perfect fitness room into a reality.  Thanks to their PEP grant they were able to add products like iDance, Exerbikes, and BrainBikes.  After seeing the success of interactive fitness Marvin has been spreading the word, helping elementary and middle schools improve their programs, and even wants to work with high schools in the New Haven area.

Here are a few of the other PEP Grant winner that we have worked with throughout the years.  Kenston Local School in Chagrin Falls, Ohio won the award in 2011.  They used the funds to develop an Exergaming program for the district’s 3,200 students.    Gateway Unified School District in Redding, California received $1.2 million in efforts to reduce the 34% teen obesity rate.  North Crawford School District in Soldier Grove, Wisconsin was one of 500 applicants to win the award back in 2012.  The district added groups based interactive dance class using our iDance system.  We promised that our products will be made with the best quality because we keep physical education classes in mind.

The PEP Program has helped hundreds of schools to change the lives of thousands of kids and we were fortunate to work with some of those schools.  We want to help schools fix their physical education programs while not having to worry about meeting budgets.  If you are a Physical Educator and are advocating a more engaging active lifestyle for your school district give Motion Fitness a call at 1-877-MOTION-4 (1-877-668-4664) and we help you get started.  Act FAST the deadline in March 14,201 to be considered for this year’s award.