EyePlay has become the must have product in the interactive fitness industry.  EyePlay turns any floor into a virtual game platform with games like soccer, hockey, and dozens more.  The system brings entertainment, movement, and fun to the children fitness industry.  EyePlay have crafted a product around the mission of fighting childhood obesity, which 1 in every 5 children in the United States are effected by.  The solution to this problem is EyePlay, having children enjoy the world of gaming with all the fitness features.  Children love the games and parents love how active their children are.

McDonalds, Burger King, Dairy Queen are just a few of the organizations that have adopted the EyePlay system in several locations throughout Europe and with great success.  Major supporters of this system have been hospitals, EyePlay have been great additions to children’s ward and have completely changed the atmosphere for the children.  Anderson Center for Autism in Upstate New York recently selected EyePlay to help create a positive environment for individuals with autism and many others have followed suit.  Our sister company, Exergame Fitness, has had the pleasure of working with organizations from preschools to YMCAs get EyePlay in their facilities.  The organizations received overwhelmingly great reviews from parents and children.

From a business stand point this opens up an organizations marketing ability.  EyePlay has the ideal blend of marketing and entertainment, we have seen organizations market local companies to global brand.  Marketing on EyePlay will help the organizations get a quicker return on investment.  For More Information on EyePlay and How it can be the PERFECT fit for your organization call Exergame Fitness at (877)-668-4664 or check us out at Exergamefitness.com