Childhood obesity can cost you thousands of dollars in the future, about $19,000 to be accurate.  This is according to research analyst at Duke Health Institute and Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School.  So the question is, how can childhood obesity cost $19,000?  The estimated cost takes into account all medical bills you would expect to see from doctors’ visits, medications, and missed wages due to health condition.  These costs will occur when children are well into their adulthood lives, a time when it might be too late to change their lifestyle.

What can you buy with $19,000?  Many would opt for a new car, some even mentioned it would cover 1 year’s full tuition, or even travel the world.  It is not the cost that should alarm people, but the health condition these children are in.  This generation of children holds the record for highest obesity rate we have ever seen and less than a fourth of them see daily physical fitness.  Our government has funded billions of dollars in programs like “Let’s Move!”, to ensure that children are eating properly and receiving daily physical fitness.

Our mission at Motion Fitness and our Exergame Fitness division is to give schools the ability to better their fitness programs.  We have worked closely with schools and other organizations that have vowed to fight childhood obesity head on.  A small elementary school can use our iDance system for only $0.21 per day over 3 years.  A cost much less than the $19,000 a child might see down the road.  We have teamed up with SPARK Programs, an organization solely fighting to end childhood obesity, to get schools proper funding and helping shape children for a better future.  Check out some of our amazing success stories at We provide a wide range of products and services to help provide the best products for the organization.