Need a change of environment from your boring gym routine?  Take your workout to the great outdoors this summer.  The HOTTEST trend for this time of year is group fitness or individual training outdoors, whether it’s the local park or the beach nothing is better than working out in the sun.  You can take advantage of a great day by working out outdoors, exposure to the sun will give you a boost in Vitamin D and increase your sweat count.  All while building a healthy tan. What kinds of workouts can you perform outside? All of them, but here are a few of the popular and easy ones you can try this summer.

Bodyweight Training– These workouts are by far the most popular for outdoor training.  You get all the benefits of gym workouts without hauling around all that heavy gym equipment.  Bodyweight training is perfect for large groups, small groups, or individuals and you work-out at your comfortable pace.  Training consists of classic workouts like push-ups, sit-ups, planks, and more.  You can also enhance your bodyweight training by adding TRX HOME Suspension Kit  or the TRX Rip Trainer, all available on


Biking- Take the road less travels and go on a family bike ride or join a biking class.  With cities making it easier for bike riders to commute and get around, it is the perfect time to get into biking.  Biking will not only good for your health, but there are environments benefits as well.  With increased technology you can now monitor your workouts so you that remain on track and meet your goals.  Use a Polar Loop fitness band, named one of 2014’s best fitness trackers, to track and monitor your goals throughout the day.  So grab a bike and feel the wind through your hair.


Recreational- Sports and activities are always popular options during the summer time.  Baseball, softball, soccer, basketball, and canoeing are all popular activities for this time of year.  This is a great way for you to work on your strength as well as cardio without having the need to hit the gym.  Great activities to start up with friends and family, and can cost you less than a month’s membership at a gym.


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