The Railyard Obstacle Course is not like your ordinary obstacle course, it’s even better. It’s a combination of specially designed rails and platforms that can be assembled into an unlimited number of layouts. Choose the layout, choose the exercises and get that full body workout.

Exercising on the Railyard will build strength, endurance, flexibility, posture, coordination and much more. It’s a great functional fitness product that will condition anyone for anything. No matter an individual’s fitness level, there are exercises of varying levels of difficulty. They can crawl, jump, balance, climb; it’s all up to them. Exercises on the Railyard will strengthen them in a way that they’re able to perform real-life activities in a more precise and functionally correct manner. More importantly, they can do it with more confidence and with a reduced chance of injury. These exercises and movement patterns can be taught in an exercise class format that can be used in health clubs or home fitness starting from one to 30 people, ages 5 to 105.

The Railyard combines many of the components of traditional obstacle courses along with the movements’ reminiscent of childhood. It’s all about having fun and being innovative. Individuals can create an endless variety of workouts that are fun, safe and effective in promoting and supporting specific functional skills.

For more information on the Railyard, please contact Motion Fitness.