KidsFitness_Big2Recently a great article about Kids Fitness Centers was published in the New York Times.  It showcases success stories of clubs that adapted their model to accommodate the growing demand for kids to become more active, especially the non-athletic kids.

Most clubs have no “team”, and you exercise alone.  There is no challenges to overcome, no sense of community or accomplishment from having achieved something meaningful.  There is no skills to hone, no levels to achieve, and no play.

At Motion Fitness, we have been providing fun, engaging, movement based fitness for over 15 years.

A few key concepts that any club should keep in mind for a successful Kids Fitness Program include:

Social Fitness Atmosphere.  Being in a group creates a bond among the participants. Workouts can be competitive, yet appropriate for skill level so everyone can compete. Workouts that are team oriented and performed in groups create a sense of camaraderie that comes from doing the same workout together.

Safe Environment.  This includes personal safety at the club and surrounding neighborhood, but also important is that kids feel safe in that environment.  They do not want to be teased or feel self-conscious about exercising in front of others.  They want the support from others, which will lead to confidence as they continue to participate.

Motivation.  Most gyms have everything you need to exercise – except a reason to move. The solution is to rediscover a motivation to move. Motivation literally means a reason for physical motion. Exergames provide a great tool for motivation through game play features.

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