493086_30380The Pavigym 3.0 takes interactive fitness to a whole new level. Now every floor can be transformed into a high intensity piece of equipment of its own. Pavigym 3.0 uses an interactive flooring system integrated with LED lights and controlled by a touch screen to create nearly unlimited uses for exercise and physical training. It is a fun and entertaining way to train.

The Pavigym 3.0 can be used as instructed by a personal trainer, as part of a group or individually without instruction. Exercising on the Pavigym system will build endurance, coordination, strength, and reaction training, and all workouts can be customized and tracked.

One of the things that makes Pavigym stand out among interactive fitness equipment is that users can combine the different stations – Spring, Square, and Vertical – for a three dimensional training area while they create personalized circuit workouts.

Pavigym is a great tool for all ages and members of all fitness levels can use the technology, maximizing the use of the available space of a room! For more information on Pavigym 3.0, please contact Motion Fitness.