Exerbike VGS

Exerbike VGS features several resistance settings to give each user the workout that they want.  Its adjustable seat and seat back can accommodate players of most any age or height.  While pedaling, built in heart rate monitors are available to measure the intensity of the workout.  This bike also features gamercize technology as well as a mini HD PC with a mounted monitor.

  • Mini HD PC provides ample storage and clear graphics
  • Adjustable seat and seat back ensures comfort of each player
  • Mouse arm keeps the mouse close and convenient
  • Mounted monitor for easy viewing while you ride
  • Pedal-to-play technology
  • Magnetic Resistance Technology provides a smooth workout

Exerbike BB: BrainBike Software:  Includes several games that are designed to improve cognitive functions of the user.  Memory games, simple math problems, and mental quickness games are among the many options.  Brainbike software also allows users to create their own personalized account to track progress.

Exerbike VR: Virtual Ride Software:  Allows users to get the experience of riding outside when the weather or environment is not accommodating, or when the rider needs a change of scenery.  This software also allows players to compete in virtual races.

Exerbike VG: Virtual Game Software:  Users can play PC games while pedaling using this software.  This package includes 3 PC games that will be viewed in high definition when using the Exerbike VGS.

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