TWALL Interactive Touch Wall

The rules for T-wall are simple but challenging: on a wall with numerous touch surfaces, red signals light up in sequence of varying positions and speeds.  Your task: deactivate the light as soon as it appears by quick touch (T=touch). Act and react as quick as you can.  Your goal: Be faster than light.

Whether training for power, agility, endurance, flexibility, or reaction, T-wall tests your personal limits resulting in the ultimate fitness gaming platform for any challenge. This universal training tool provides a fantastic cardio workout across numerous applications, including Exergaming, sports, fitness and rehabilitation.

T-wall was developed by a team of engineers, athletes and fitness professionals for the interactive sports training and Exergame market.

Key Features

  • Reaction Training & Programming
  • Hand-EyeCoordination
  • NeurologicalDevelopment
  • Any Age, Any Level,Any Ability
  • Focus Training forADD/HD
  • Simple to Install, Slim Wall Design

Product Models:

  • Model 1: TWall 64
  • Model 2: TWall 64 (Mobile)
  • Model 3: TWall 32
  • Model 4: TWall 32 (Mobile)
  • Model 5: TWall 16
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