Motion Touch Magix Entertainment Package

The Motion TouchMagix™ system provides an  accurate and user friendly system that will continue  its innovation in the exergaming market today and in  the future.  Motion TouchMagix delivers the  “Wow Factor” creating a digitally engaging interactive  gaming area for kids and adults.

•  Audience measurement and interaction statistics

Key Features

•  TouchMagix sensor technology provides high quality multi-point gesture recognition.

•  Multiple of pre designed templates, games, and Applications.  Web based remote management.

•  Turns any wall surface or a back projected display into a multi-point interactive surface.

•  Engages a person in an unforgettable experience allowing them to immerse into the brand or just have fun.

•  Transforms the end of the foot or finger into a point event on the screen

•  Dynamic content scheduling for creatives

•  Interactive sound recognition (ClapSense)

•  Easy calibration interface and setup

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