The iDance Multiplayer concept is an original idea from Positive Gaming, created and designed for environments such as Fitness Centers, Schools, YMCA’s, Park Districts and Leisure Centers. The Positive Gaming™ iDANCE Multiplayer System offers up to 32 wireless dance platforms for simultaneous play with up to three separate difficulty levels on screen at once.

The Positive Gaming™ iDANCE Multiplayer system is a fun and challenging group exercise dance game of both perceptive and physical skill. It is simple to learn, exciting to play and offers users a wide range of levels to play and achieve. It provides a wholesome exercise gaming experience for up to 32 players at the same time.

  • Easy to setup and take down
  • Lightweight, durable platforms
  • Provides developmental benefits (Social, Cognitive & Physical)
  • Wireless data transmission
  • Real-time, individual performance feedback
  • Player tracking (ability to export data)
  • Upgradable software
  • Up to 32-players
  • Suitable for all ages and levels of player, no questionable lyrics and graphics
  • Up to three difficulty levels simultaneously
  • Includes many instructor tools and teaching aids
  • Over 130 licensed, energizing songs
  • Advanced, high definition (HD) 3D engine

The Positive Gaming™ iDANCE2 system is comprised of a combination of proprietary hardware and software; all of which have been engineered to the highest specifications.

A complete system includes the following components:

  • Dedicated computer with Positive Gaming™ iDANCE2 software
  • Positive Gaming™ Impact iDANCE platforms (up to 32 per system)
  • Audio Solution (varies with facility requirements)
  • Video Solution (varies with facility requirements)
  • Platform chargers, wireless mouse, keyboard, and remote control
  • Positive Gaming™ iDANCE2 operating manual

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